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Natallia Charnetskaya

Principal Dentist

GDC Number: 256250

Natallia has a special interest in endodontics (root canal treatment under a microscope), cosmetic restoration of front teeth and severely worn dentition. Natallia is an advocate of conservative treatment whenever is reasonably possible. Anxiety for dental treatment determined a choice of her profession. She always tries to put herself in patients’ shoes to make their dental experience more comfortable and pleasant. Natallia has been working as a dentist – volunteer with Chernobyl Children International since 2010 by providing special care dentistry for kids with learning disabilities, which has been a truly life changing experience for her.

Natallia Charnetskaya - dentist in sevenoaks

Elena Shunkova

Dental Therapist & Hygienist

GDC Number: 293959

Elena, affectionately known as Lena by her friends and patients, is a highly skilled and accomplished dental therapist and hygienist with a passion for helping others. Coming from a family of doctors, she has always been inspired to pursue a career in healthcare and has dedicated her professional life to improving the dental health of her patients.

After completing her Bachelor’s (Honours) Degree in Dentistry from the Belarusian State Medical University in 2016, Lena began her career working in busy dental practices in the capital city of Minsk. This experience provided her with valuable skills in providing a wide range of dental treatments to both adults and children. She strived to boost the dental health of local communities, and her dedication to her patients and their wellbeing quickly became apparent.

In recent years, Lena made the decision to move to London, where she obtained registration with the General Dental Council as a dental hygienist and therapist. Her goal is to deliver the best possible results for her patients while building a pleasant dental experience and creating a stress-free environment where patients can feel safe and comfortable.

Lena has a vast experience in treating children and can easily establish rapport with them, her gentle and kind approach put children at ease. She enjoys all areas of dentistry, with a particular interest in preventative and minimal intervention dentistry, as well as restorative and cosmetic treatments. Lena believes in helping patients to establish a maintenance routine to make sure that their teeth and dental restorations are kept in perfect condition.

Lena is always keen on updating her professional skills and knowledge, and she undergoes further trainings in various aspects of dentistry to stay current with the latest advancements in her field.

Outside of work, Lena has a big passion in travelling, meeting people from all over the world and getting familiar with different cultures. She is fond of yoga, hiking and spending time outdoors.

In summary, Lena is a highly qualified, experienced and compassionate dental professional who is committed to providing the highest standard of care to her patients. She is dedicated to ongoing professional development, and her passion for helping others is evident in all aspects of her work.

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